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They help you in two significant ways. One is people get a chance to read others’ opinions about you. The second reason has more to do with SEO which, in short, is how simple it is to find you against your competition online. In the past, you had to be a marketing expert to affect these outcomes. Today you have to ask for more reviews and ask more times than the competitor.

When you are found easily online more people visit your location. When your business has more good reviews and more recent reviews than all your nearby competitors, more people use your service. More reviews mean you get a ton more business. The Real Reputation has helped at least two of our clients grow by more than 30 percent so far.

We offer help with Yelp and hotels, hotels.com, and Expedia, as well as Zillow for real-estate agents. Then everyone can use the power of GOOGLE. If there is one that we are missing, please give us a call; it won’t be a problem to add it.

We’re here to help you get more review and make sure they are better!

Putting you back in control of your reviews for your customers.

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